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Where is the competition? July 23, 2008

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A G.B. Editorial

As the video game industry begins to expand some of the worst fears that the Hardcore gamers have are coming to light. These fears are that the more casual gamers get involved the more watered down the games we play will become, and this is in fact the sad case. While it is great to see new people getting involved with this great pastime game developers are changing there philosophy on game design. Take Halo for example: This is a franchise that is synonymous in the console game world but with each new iteration more and more people were let down, because what made Halo so fun was the competition and simplicity of the design. As Halo 2 rolled around the holiday season Bungie saw that they, regardless, will rake in millions due to the popularity of Halo 1 but yet they wanted more. This “more” involved the post game release support (Multiplayer) and while Online Multiplayer on XBL was great they needed to “balance” that game, this is where they saw how much money they could make simply by making things easier and thus keeping the customer (so that they can buy new maps nonetheless). This angered the Hardcore because anyone and there mother could score a frag in Halo 2, but still no one can deny Halo 2 was a great game and till this day was the most played game on the Original X-box.

Halo 1 was the pinnacle of competitve console gaming

Halo 1 was the pinnacle of competitive console gaming

So a fast forward to the release of the next generation Halo (Halo 3) and we see a further watered down version of a once great game. Random issues occur where you bullets wont hit do to shoddy net code to give the new player a chance to kill the experienced player, and the term “If your good your good, and if your bad your bad” is non-existent in Halo 3. Now don’t get me wrong this is not an article to bash Halo 3 (I think enough people did that already), it is merely a way of making a point.

The competitiveness in most games is just not there, and the reason why is the casual gamer! Game developers realize that they (casual gamers) do not inform themselves on game purchases and thus will buy anything that is “new” and “cool”. Naturally this is an industry out there to make money, which is all well and fine but who were the people that got this Industry to where it is at?

The Hardcore Gamer

Nintendo is the biggest perpetrator of this, as all they do is release garbage games left and right, they even water down timeless classics (Random tripping in Smash Bros. Brawl, no thank you) to appease the casual gamer. While it is not all Nintendo’s fault (they did start this issue though) companies like EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft are trying there hand at attracting casual gamers too.

Now once again don’t get me wrong this is all my opinion but I want to see the core gamers appeased. It’s about time these companies see who got them rich in the first place, and start putting out info for the hardcore gamer.

As the months roll on to Christmas I will be getting you the best news on what is to come and I do hope that you all enjoy it! You can expect an Editorial from me every week and beyond.

I hope you enjoy IE2

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